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PMB 281
1977 North Olden Avenue Ext.
Trenton NJ 08618-2193 USA
or fax to (609) 882-1043

FoxAcre Press Order Information for Booksellers and Educators

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New information!  View our Dealer's Bulletin (includes Bookseller's Order Form) in Acrobat PDF Format.

And here is our Dealer's Bulletin as a HTML page. For booksellers who prefer to order from Ingram, click here for more information.

FoxAcre Press is a new small-press publisher. We focus on reprints of quality science fiction and fantasy, how-to books on writing and publishing, and selected non-fiction titles. While FoxAcre will publish new titles and/or updated editions in the non-fiction and how-to categories, our main emphasis will be on reprint science fiction and fantasy. We have no plans to publish original titles in science fiction or fantasy.

All FoxAcre titles (aside from author's stock titles) are available direct from FoxAcre. They may also be purchased or from Ingram, at standard discount rates, shortly after they are available from the Foxacre. (Most books will be available directly from FoxAcre about a month or two before they are available from other sources.) See below for further information on ordering via Ingram.

Contact us at or at FoxAcre Press, PMB 281, 1977 North Olden Avenue Ext., Trenton NJ 08618-2193 USA, or fax to (609) 882-1043, if you wish to place a bulk order direct from us while paying by check or money order.

All orders placed directly with FoxAcre will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

All FoxAcre titles are non-returnable, except for replacement of defective merchandise.

Ordering from Ingram

Our books are available for order through Ingram's Lightning Source distribution system. LS is an on-demand printing system, wherein books are usually printed and shipped within 48 hours of being ordered. What this means to booksellers is that while LS titles may be listed as "back-ordered" in your Ingram ordering system, LS titles will still ship quickly. See text from the LS website below.

Our books are sold through Ingram/Lightning Print at standard discounts. FoxAcre Press books are not returnable, except to replace defective products.

FoxAcre titles are also available through our website, Check at often for updates, and to learn about new and forthcoming books. Note that the "author's stock" titles are author's copies of out-of-print editions. These may be available only in very limited quantities, and many will be available only via mail-order retail.

The following text is lifted from the Lightning Print Website and slightly edited for clarity.

How Do I Order [a Lightning Source title]?

Do I need to have an Ingram account to place an order? Yes.

How do I sign up for LSI services? You don't need to! You order LPI titles just like (sic) you order all your other titles with Ingram.

How do I order an LSI title and how long will it take to receive it?   LSI titles will be listed on Ingram databases and are ordered through the same methods you usually use--electronic ordering, telephone, fax, and mail. Initially, there will be one copy of each title in our Nashville, Roseburg, and Petersburg distribution centers(and Newport, for Spring Arbor titles). Most titles will be printed within 48 hours of receiving an order, delivered to the appropriate DC, and shipped with your next Ingram order or after 15 days, whichever is sooner. Hardback books and large trim size books (like 8.25x11) may take up to a week to get printed to order. If the on-hand quantity for an LSI title is zero or if you need to order more than are carried in inventory in those warehouses, you will need to backorder the title. But remember, this backorder is treated specially; most LSI books will be printed especially for your customer within 48 hours!

Where can I find a list of available titles? You can find LSI titles in the following locations:

LPI titles also have special indicators on Ingram databases:

Microfiche - An "H" appears in the "On Order" field for Nashville, Roseburg and Petersburg along with a legend reading "H = On Demand."

FlashBack - The last four characters of the title field for an ordered LPI title read "-OD."

The confirmation displays "Out Of Stock-Backordered."

Ingram-Books in Print on Disc - A "Lightning Print On Demand Title" phrase appears in the same area on the Full Citation screen that is sometimes occupied by the phrase "Greenlight."

iPage - A grey "L" appears next to the title on the Search Results page. Also, the message "This is a Lightning Print title available on-demand from Ingram" appears in a shaded box above the stock status information on the Detailed Title Information page.

TitleQuest - The "Notes" field will be filled with the phrase "A Lightning Print On Demand Title." Also, a lightning bolt will be placed in the "On Order" display next to the warehouse where the title is stocked. This feature is activated with Version 2.

titles@Ingram - A "D" appears in the ON DEMAND PRINT FLAG column.


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