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Master of Life and Death

by Robert Silverberg

Product Code: 0967178398
Price: $12.00

152 Pages
Trade Paperback

Roy Walton finds himself with the power of life and death over all the people of the world. Now if he can only keep from getting killed... The brand-new Bureau of Population Equalization is lurching from disaster to disaster as it begins its desperate mission to save an overbreeding humanity from itself. But don't worry. Roy has a secret plan. In fact, he has dozens of them!

State-ordered infanticide, a hundred thousand Belgians shipped to Patagonia, the boss assassinated, one brother lovingly blackmailing another, the Venus expedition lost, the press howling for blood-it's just another day at the office for Roy Walton, assistant administrator of Popeek-the brand-new Bureau of Population Equalization.!
'Silverberg's success in maintaining complete clarity and narrative drive while manipulating unnumbered plots and complex concepts is a technical triumph, and results in a lively and enjoyable book.'
-Anthony Boucher, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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