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Realms of Light

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Product Code: 098184877X
Price: $13.50

190 Pages
Trade Paperback

If You Can Trust No One -- Then Trust a Nobody
A new Carlisle Hsing adventure, and a return to Nightside City

Detective Carlisle Hsing counted herself lucky to escape Nightside City before dawn came and destroyed everything there. Unfortunately, just by surviving, and escaping to the planet of Prometheus, she has attracted the attention of a certain business magnate. Someone is trying to kill him, and it looks like an inside job. He needs an outsider to investigate the case -- an expendable outsider. He offers Carlisle a deal. Risk her life and everything she has, return to Nightside City, save those she left behind, unmask her client's deadly enemy, and have riches showered upon her -- or else die in the attempt. Unfortunately, there's a catch: by the time her client has explained the situation, she knows too much. Of course, the dead tell no tales-and it's all too easy for a nobody to end up dead. And if she should die-well, she was a nobody, after all...

Return with Hugo-winning author Lawrence Watt-Evans to the universe of the classic SF detective-noir novel Nightside City, and to the casebook of hard-boiled, soft-hearted Carlisle Hsing.

"For years, when people asked me what was my favorite of all the novels I'd written (which is, by the way, not a good question to ask-it's very much like, 'Which is your favorite of your children?'), if I answered at all, I would name Nightside City." -Lawrence Watt-Evan

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