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by Edward M. Lerner

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290 Pages
Trade Paperback

Will our first contact with aliens be the dawn of a new tomorrow -- or the last act in human history?

Will our first contact with aliens be the dawn of a new tomorrow -- or the last act in human history?The moon has suddenly acquired its own satellite: a two-mile-across starship that represents a hitherto unsuspected Galactic Commonwealth. The F'thk, a vaguely centaur-like member species for whom Earth's ecology is hospitable, have been sent to evaluate humanity for prospective membership. The F'thk are overtly friendly but very private - "Information is a trade good." As Earth's scientists struggle to understand their secretive appraisers, odd inconsistencies emerge. As troubling as those anomalies is the re-emergence of a bit of insanity humanity thought it had outgrown: Cold War and nuclear saber-rattling. The Galactics' arrival may signify the start of a glorious new era, or it may presage the cataclysmic end of human civilization. Which outcome do the aliens really desire ... And what will they do if humanity refuses to play its assigned role?


"MOONSTRUCK fizzes with ideas and surprises. Classic science fiction with 21st Century appeal."
-- David Brin, Winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards for best novel. Author of the Uplift series

"Take one part Tom Clancy, one part Hal Clement, and one part Larry Niven, shake well, and you've got Edward Lerner's edge-of-your-seat day-after-tomorrow just-what-ARE-the-aliens up to thriller, MOONSTRUCK. It's a rollicking good read, in which the puzzles all go snick-snick at just the right moment, and the suspense never lets up. Highly recommended."
-- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Rollback

"Moonstruck is a rapid fire technothriller that puts fresh thrills into the first contact tale. Fast, original, and will keep you guessing to the very last page."
- Robert A. Metzger, Best Novel Nebula Award nominee for Picoverse

"With MOONSTRUCK, Ed Lerner has presented alien contact the way it most likely will happen; not with benevolent super-beings who save us from ourselves in the nick of time, nor with super-conquerors who enslave us all. No, Lerner's aliens are deceptive, conniving manipulators with their own agendas and their own self-serving definition of right and wrong. In other words, they're a lot like us. Be very afraid."
-- Jerry Oltion, Author of The Getaway Special

"An alien invasion tale like none you've ever read, yet chillingly relevant to our times."
- Stanley Schmidt, Hugo- and Nebula-nominated author of Argonaut

"Moonstruck is inventive, original and ingenious, filled with well-thought-out detail which gives it scientific credibility and political plausibility. The plot pulls you in and the writing keeps you hooked right to the end."
-- John G. Hemry, Author of Burden of Proof

"A great, classic first-encounter novel for the 21st century: think Childhood's End, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and To Serve Man, served up with the cutting-edge media savvy of The Apprentice. Lerner writes with grace, surety, humor, and political wisdom that draws on sources ranging from Damocles to Churchill. I snapped up this novel on Cape Cod Bay, and learned anew why I relish science fiction."
-- Paul Levinson, author of The Pixel Eye

"In his novel Moonstruck, physicist Edward M. Lerner operates proudly in the classic hard-SF tradition of John W. Campbell and Robert A. Heinlein. SF fans weary of tech-moronic Hollywood movies will find much to enjoy and admire in Moonstruck's hard-SF evocation of what might really happen if Earth made first contact with an alien intelligence."
-- Scifi.com / Science Fiction Weekly

"Moonstruck is not just another alien invasion novel, but truly an original performance."
-- Science Fiction Book Club

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