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Scent of Danger

by Doranna Durgin

Product Code: 1936771454
Price: $11.99

252 Pages
Trade Paperback

Dale Kinsall thinks he's pretty much adjusted to his new Arizona home--to the eccentric nature of his clinic staff and to the altitude and climate of the high desert. He's even used to being pointed out as the veterinarian who solved the eco-murders.

But that fragile sense of stability vanishes overnight. Contractors turn the clinic upsidedown, fellow-vet Laura's nephew is deathly ill, Laura herself is hit by the same feared virus--and then Dale himself is the victim of a brutal and mysterious attack. Dale can't believe it's all coincidence... but everyone else pretty much thinks he's nuts.

Everyone but Sully the Beagle, that is. He's an expert mouser and experienced tracker. He can tell there's trouble brewing for Dale and Laura--because, after all...

Sully knows the Scent of Danger.

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