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Wayenor Besieged

by Sasha Miller

Product Code: 1936771594
Price: $12.99

340 Pages
Trade Paperback

Book Two of the Wayenor Saga. It is written that to the victor belong the spoils -- but victory produces threats and dangers, as well as rewards. Vannessa is well-suited to a soldier's life, -- but is she prepared to deal with court intrigue even as a new enemy is at the gates of her city?

Vannessa has struggled against all the odds, and against enemies without and traitors within. She has well-earned the title Countess of Wayenor. But to be a victor in battle is one matter. To rule wisely is something else entirely. Vannessa quickly discovers that it is not enough to win a battle, a castle—or a lover. Then comes the greater challenge: to hold on to the prizes she has won, to protect them, to make them stronger. But how can Vannessa win out over her enemies and defend those closest and dearest to her when deception and cruelty make it impossible to tell friend from foe—or loved one from betrayer?

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