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Wayenor's Children

by Sasha Miller

Product Code: 1936771624
Price: $13.99

380 Pages
Trade Paperback

Traditions are handed down from generation to generation -- but not all traditions are admirable. Real and imagined slights, injured pride, even lust for revenge are all too often part, or even all, of a family heritage. How can Vannessa and and Balon protect their own when their enemies nurse their bitter inheritance in the darkness, hidden even from themselves?

It falls to each new generation to carry on from the work of those who have gone before--and, more often than not, to pay in blood and treasure for the mistakes of their forebears. The mere passage of time has not made Wayenor safe, and questions of rights and succession, loyalty and honor, are never settled once and for all. Vannessa must battle for herself, for her castle, and for the preservation of her sovereign’s kingdom—or else there will be very little left worth inheriting for Wayenor’s Children.

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