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Dancing With Myself

by Charles Sheffield

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Mass Market Paperback

A dazzling collection of fact articles and fiction, with stories and essays about nanotechnology, the nature of time, the future of space flight, chaos theory, and much more.

Stories: 'Out of Copyright', 'Tunicate, Tunicate, Wilt Thou Be Mine', 'A Braver Thing', 'The Grand Tour', 'Nightmares of the Classical Mind', 'The Double Spiral Staircase', 'The Seventeen-Year Locusts', 'The Courts of Xanadu', 'C-Change', 'Godspeed', 'Dancing with Myself' Articles: 'Counting Up', 'Classical Nightmares... ...and Quantum Paradoxes', 'The Unlicked Bear-Whelp: A Worm's Eye Look at Chaos Theory', 'Unclear Winter: A Misellany of Disasters', 'Something for Nothing: A Biography of the Universe.'

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