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Doors of Death and Life

by Brenda W. Clough

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Immortality is a convenient attribute for a moon colonist, even when he has to keep it a secret. But when Edwin Barbarossa is the only survivor of a space fire, he attracts the wrong kind of attention, and his friend Rob Lewis must come to the rescue, endangering not only his own secret, but his life.

In How Like a God, Rob Lewis gave his friend Edwin Barbarossa the Pearl of Immortality that had once belonged to Gilgamesh in exchange for a promise to keep Rob's mind-bending powers a secret. Seven years later the space shuttle ferrying Edwin home from a stint on the new moon colony catches fire. Everyone dies except Edwin. First he's hailed as a hero, then he disappears--and it's up to Rob to find him, rescue him, and help him outwit the smiling villain who will stop at nothing to take the secret of immortality for himself.

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