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U.S. funds only, please.

There are lots of ways to order FoxAcre Press Titles. This page will guide you through the choices. We suggest you jump to one of  the pages that list our books by title or by author , and print out  that page to help you with your shopping. Then select your shopping choice from the links below.

Online Ordering direct from FoxAcre. Also see the PayPal section. Ordering From Online Booksellers.
Mail and Fax Ordering direct from FoxAcre. Information for Booksellers, educators, and others on how to order FoxAcre titles in quantity.
FoxAcre's Author's Stock Program.

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Ordering Online Direct from FoxAcre

You may order any or all of our titles with a credit card over a secure web site, from our online shopping cart system.  Because it can take some weeks or even a month or two before a given title enters the databases of the booksellers, most titles will be available via our online store for about a month before they are available from other outlets. You don't need to browse the catalog page: there is an order link on each title information page. Click on the order link, and you'll be taken directly to your shopping basket, where you can view the contents before shopping further or heading to checkout.

Ordering Via Mail or Fax from FoxAcre

You may order any or all of our titles via mail order using credit card, check or money order. You may order via credit card to our fax line, (301) 560-2482 You can view and then print out either of two versions of our order form. Choose the Acrobat Format Form if your system can read Acrobat PDF files. For those who cannot access Acrobat files, the same form is available in an HTML  Format Version that should be usable from any Web browser. Print out the form, fill in your order information, and send it to us. Alternately, use our shopping cart system, and select the "Printed Order Form" option under the list of payment forms. The shopping system will automatically generate the printed form for you

Information on our Author's Stock program. Books marked as author's stock are publisher's overstock purchased by the authors and resold on their behalf. These are fresh, new copies of out-of-print titles that are not available for sale anywhere else on the Web. Learn more by visiting our Author's Stock page.

Ordering online with PayPal.

If you  have a PayPal account, you may pay via that means. Simply use our online ordering system. Proceed to the checkout page once your order is complete. Select the PayPal option, and our ordering system will automatically link you to PayPal, where you can complete your transaction. Once your transaction is complete, you'll be returned to the FoxAcre website.

Ordering from Online Booksellers

All FoxAcre titles (aside from our author's stock and purchased stock titles,) are available from such major on-line booksellers as, Barnes and Noble (, Border's Books (, BooksaMillion (, etc. Please note that most titles will be available direct from FoxAcre about a month before they are available from other outlets. The book information page for each title offers direct links to  that title's order page at Amazon, B&N, and BAM. These links will not be "live" until the bookseller has the book available. You may view the links for the above stores for each of our titles at this page.

Booksellers Order Information

Attention booksellers: Click here for information on ordering FoxAcre titles direct from FoxAcre, or from Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

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