The View From Here: Archives

Here are all the previous columns. I will put each column here as the next one is written.

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August 20, 1996: First Column. An introduction to the column, and the logistics of getting ready to travel.

August 28, 1996: Travel, The Back Lot, The Surreal, and a Broken Laptop.

September 3, 1996: The Worldcon is Doing Well but the Hugos Awards Aren't.

September 16, 1996: Every Writer Needs an Editor.

October 16, 1996: The Mysteries of Darkest Brasilia.

October 29, 1996: Where Do Your Ideas Get You?

November 11, 1996: A Few Paranoid Post-Election Thoughts

December 10, 1996: How to Be a Victim of Cultural Imperialism For Fun and Profit

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