The Crystal Crown
Brenda Clough

232 pages
6x9 inch trade paper


A Crown With a Mind of its Own...

 When Liras-ven Tsormelezok set off into his garden that morning, he knew he could claim some sort of royal ancestry—but then, so could most of the rest of the population of Averidan. Therefore, being named King while pruning his klimflower vines was a trifle unexpected. But that was only the first of the surprises waiting for Liras. For example, he discovered that the Crystal Crown of the Kings of Averidan could not only speak to him—it could kill him, if it decided he shouldn’t be king. And then were certain other inheritances from the late king: a war about which he knew nothing, and a royal bride-to-be with whom he could not speak. No wonder Liras decided to make a run for it...

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