Mother Miller's How To Write Good Book
Revised 3rd Edition
by Sasha Miller. ISBN 0-9709711-5-X. Price U.S. $15.00
140 pages. 6 x 9 inches.

Mother Miller's How To Write Good Book might not take itself too seriously, but  it  is full of advice that the would-be writer of prose, and particularly fiction, would do well to heed. Put this concise guide on a shelf close to your desk, in between The Elements of Style and your favorite dictionary. You'll reach for it often. Written with wit and humor, MMHTWGB (this book is best known by its initials) covers everything from plotting to character development to grammar to manuscript style.  Sasha Miller writes with the sharp, witty, acerbic, and yet gentle style that has made her the bane and the delight of thousands of writing students.

The Revised 3rd editions adds new essays and other new material, revisions and updates to the previous text, a full index, and a new introduction by Andre Norton.

To read Essays One and Two in
Acrobat PDF format, CLICK HERE.

"... one of the best introductions to the mastery of
language-using skills that I have ever seen."

-- from the introduction by Andre Norton


Mother Miller's How To Write Good Book

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Table of Contents :
  • Jargon and Abbreviations Used in Ms. Critique
  • Essay One: Nuts and Bolts
  • Essay Two: Punctuation Or: Never Start A Sentence With A Comma
  • Essay Three: Some Punctuational Specifics
  • Essay Four: The Said-Book
  • Through Darkest Mss. With Mother Miller Or: Trapping The Wild Said-Bookism
  • Essay Five: Point of View
  • Essay Six: Plots and Non-Plots Essay Seven: Constructing a Plot in Cold Blood
  • Essay Eight: On Writing Humor
  • Essay Nine: The Write Stuff Essay Ten: The Eyes Have It
  • Essay Eleven: Building Character
  • Essay Twelve: Building Bad Character; Villains and Other Despicable Beans
  • Essay Thirteen: Criticism and Workshops
  • Essay Fourteen: Bogeys, Pet Peeves, and Other Stuff Essay Fifteen: Mother Miller's Standard Lectures
  • Essay Sixteen: A Brief Listing of Grammatical Terms
  • Essay Seventeen: Sit and Set, Lie and Lay
  • Principal Parts of Verbs
  • Essay Eighteen: Clay Feet
  • Addendum: Manuscript Prepartion

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