Nightside City

Lawrence Watt-Evans

ISBN 0-9709711-1-7
$13.50 192 pages
6x9 inch
trade paperback

Dawn for the End Time

Nightside City will die in the coming dawn–so why is someone trying to buy up the town?

"The far-side of tidally-locked Epimethus seemed like a good site for a city, far from the destroying rays of a dangerously close sun. But the planet actually is rotating and the value of property and life in Nightside City is rapidly depreciating. Detective Carlisle Hsing is one of the many left in town with insufficient funds to move off-planet. But ... why is someone buying up all the doomed property? Is someone going to save the planet? Why keep it a secret? ...[Carlisle] Hsing is a believable heroine pursuing a slowly unwrapping mystery." —Postviews

... a good crisp adventure/mystery... a suitably gritty future-urban ambience; the plot is logically constructed around an interesting problem in planetology; the writing is consistent and well-paced, each chapter ending with a neat narrative hook. A very solid, professional piece of work." —OtherRealms

"...a novel rich in context.... contains a wealth of intriguing material....complex and evocative....worth the read." —SFRA Newsletter

"For years, when people asked me what was my favorite of all the novels I’d written (which is, by the way, not a good question to ask— it’s very much like, "Which is your favorite of your children?"), if I answered at all, I would name Nightside City." —from the afterword by Lawrence Watt-Evans

cover art by
Martina Pilcerova.

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