Orphan of Creation
by Roger MacBride Allen
ISBN 0-9671783-3-9
Price U.S. $21.50
6 inch by 9 inch
340 pages $21.50

An anthropologist stumbles across a stunning secret, literally right in her family's own back yard. Are the bones buried there the remains of humans, or apes -- or something else? The answer will turn her life, and the world, upsidedown. Thanks to Barbara Marchando's discovery, the very definition of humanity is suddenly in doubt.

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What the critics said about ORPHAN OF CREATION

"Allen's attention to detail is sterling...totally believable...well portrayed...dead accurate.... This book goes a long way toward doing for anthropology what Timescape did for high-energy particle physics: humanizing it, making its real workings accessible to a new audience. Anyone who likes good hard science in their fiction will have to go a long way to find a better-done book." --Locus

 "_ a novel that reminds us that moral and social evolution depends not only on our knowing where we are going, but remembering where we have been." --Christian Science Monitor

"Allen's writing technique is a well-balanced blend of dialogue, action, description and narrative-each in proper proportion to the other... a fine read ... word of mouth will bring acclaim that is more than deserved." --Otherrealms

"Orphan of Creation takes an interesting scientific premise and lets it loose upon real human beings revealing to the reader a higher level of understanding of the world. Orphan is science and fiction; in examining the human condition, it does what both ideally intend to do." --The New York Review of Science Fiction

"Mr.Allen has found an idea worthy of his talent. The book has that unmistakably correct feel of authenticity. A very readable as well as thoughtful story. Bravo to Mr.Allen for writing this risky book. Read it. Then pass it on to your mundane friends. With any luck, it will drive them crazy." --Lan's Lantern

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