The Prince of Morning Bells
by Nancy Kress

ISBN 0-9671783-2-0
Price U.S. $17.50
232 pages. 8.25 x 5.25 inches.

This first novel by Hugo and Nebula award-winner Nancy Kress is a warm and touching fantasy, and much more besides. The book uses the forms and conventions of the fantasy novel, and at the same time transcends them to tell us things worth knowing about the human heart, and the human spirit. Long out of print, this novel by one of the major voices in contemporary science fiction and fantasy will enthrall you, charm you, and make you care deeply about two of the most engaging characters you're ever likely to meet between the two covers of a book.

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cover art by N. Taylor Blanchard

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What the critics said about THE PRINCE OF MORNING BELLS

"Smile a lot, yes, and then weep a little, and hold your breath, and wonder at the wisdom and the whimsy of it ...depending on how much you bring to it, the book is metaphor, it is fable; it makes a statement, has a moral, looks back at you, from time to time, like a mirror." -- Theodore Sturgeon, TWILIGHT ZONE

"A lively and entertaining fairy tale."--PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

"The bittersweet climax not only surprised me, it choked me up a little."--Peter Stampfel, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"Anyone who has ever doubted the psychological link between fantasy and life will be quickly corrected by this insightful and highly recommended novel."--Roger C. Schlobin, FANTASY NEWSLETTER

"A depth and freshness of observation that is uncommonly astute and poignant."--Anne McCaffrey

"Nancy Kress has the true storyteller's Gift--the ability to make her characters and what happens to them so vital that the reader's heart aches."--Stephen R. Donaldson

"Sprightly and moving."--John Clute, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FANTASY

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