Space Suits

allegedly by

Charles Sheffield

186 pages 6x9 inch
ISBN 0-9709711-0-9

Lawyers in Space?!

Well, yes. It's a terrifying thought. But there are lawyers and lawyers. And then, there are Henry Carver and Waldo P. Burmeister. Sometimes it's not clear if their greatest skill lies in getting their clients out of trouble -- or getting themselves into it. Whether it's Waldo doggedly trying to escape The Dalmation of Faust or Henry's grim internal struggle against Parasites Lost, or the two working together, because so much is riding With the Knight Male, their adventures are sure to entertain every reader -- and lead most to consider a long time before daring to seek legal representation.

Charles Sheffield flatly denies authorship of this collection, and is considering legal action.

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Note: The cover art adorning this book is by the noted minimalist, Signor Claudio Antonio Beldini. Click on the book cover for a closer look at this remarkable artwork.

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