Caliban, Inferno and Utopia
A Trilogy of Asimovian Robot Novels

by Roger MacBride Allen




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In this first book of this three-book series of Robot mysteries, an eminent roboticist is savagely attacked -- and all the evidence points to something impossible -- that a robot attacked her. But Sheriff Alvar Kresh soon learns, much to his horror, that, all of a sudden, such a thing
is possible -- because the scientist who was attacked had made some changes in the Three Laws.

A political assassination throws the planet Inferno into chaos just as draconian measures to rescue the planetary climate are going into effect. But as soon becomes apparent, solving the case could easily wreck the delicate political structure of the re-terraforming project.

A young scientist proposes a daring plan to revitalize the dying world of Inferno -- but the robots of Inferno are determined to prevent all risk, all danger -- even if the risk might save the world. Click here to see a sample chapter.

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