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3 February 2015.

Dear Website Visitor:

Much to my chagrin, I just discovered that the previous web-hosting for this site has gone phht, and visitors were getting a 404 "missing" page.  I am doing a rush job slapping together some improvised hosting and some sort of interim page based on elderly backups that are the first thing to come to hand, so at least there is something here. This site is embarassingly out of date, and some links need fixing -- but at least here's some duct tape over the crisis in the meantime.


Some Somewhat Elderly Essays

I attended the the Wrangling with Writers Conferences 24-26 September, 2010, in Tucson, Arizona. These files are a bit long in the tooth, but I think the observations and advice are still valid. All files are in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Reader or the like. You can right-click on the links and save the files direct to your own computer. Enjoy.

Manuscript Style <<>> The Standard Deviations of Writing<<>> Notes for Talks I Presented at the Conference <<>> <<>>Why Media Tie-Ins Are Tough<<>>

And here's an essay full of the worst advice ever offered: How to Submit a Manuscript

But wait -- here's more advice, maybe even good advice this time, in the form of some very bad examples.

Book News from Roger:
Two books co-authored with my father, and a trilogy of science fiction detective novels:

Time Capsule: The Book of Record

Time Capsule: The Book of Record
(FoxAcre Press,. Fall 2010)
by Thomas B. Allen
& Roger MacBride Allen

The Book of Record of the Time Capsule tells the people of the Future where to find the secrets of the past. But The Book of Record has it own story --one that has waited for far too long to be told. Learn how the world's first Time Capsule was created -- and what the plans are for finding it, five thousand years after its burial.

Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War

Mr. Lincoln's High Tech War
(National Geographic, Fall 2008)

by Thomas B. Allen
& Roger MacBride Allen

This book shows how President Lincoln used new technologies to change forever how war was fought, and how he used those technologies to help to shape wartime strategy in ways that had a profound effect on the political landscape of the nation. Click on the book cover to visit the website for this title.

    A Quick Note from the Proprietor ...

    This photo is alarmingly out of date. I'll try to dig up one that reflects my current and more decrepit condition.

    Almost everything below this point on the page is years out of date. However, there are suddenly (a) incentives for updating it and (b) maybe the time to do it -- both at the same time! How about that! So I hope to refurb more of this material Real Soon*

    All the best --


    *That's not accidental bad grammar -- it's a Buckaroo Banzai reference.

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my books, and order them from a variety of online booksellers

(Just between us chickens, everything below this point on the page is amazingly out of date, but repairs elsewhere must needs take precedence. Things went blooie, folks.)

20 July 2005. Happy Moonday! (35th Anniversary of the first Moon landing.) As ever and always, I have been very late in getting this site up to date.We're moving back to the United States next week, after three years here in Germany, and there is a lot to do -- so I STILL won't get this thing up to date. Suffice to say, for the moment, that I have I delivered the revisions on a new novel to Bantam, and I'm waiting to hear back.(Current planned title is BSI STARSIDE: THE CAUSE OF DEATH.) Two day after we return to America, I am going to my 30th high school reunion -- and that ought to be interesting as well. I am looking forward to more time to work on my books, on FoxAcre Press, and about 53 other things. Probably I won't actually have the time,, but hope springs eternal. More soon. I promise. 

15 August 2004. It's been forever since I updated this thing -- long enough for us to have a new baby, James Maury Allen-- see his brother's website at www.matthew-tom.com for more details -- and for me to write and publish THE SHORES OF TOMORROW, the final book in the trilogy started by THE DEPTHS OF TIME and THE OCEAN OF YEARS. I am nearly done with the next book, but more on that later. There's lots of other news too, but it will all have to wait until I get the current book done...

20 May 2003. We're gearing up for a visit home for about two weeks. Various travel snafus result in my wife travelling by herself via the direct route, while I travel with our son by a longer and more complicated route, via cab, train, bus, car, two flights, sixteen hours, and three countries -- if all goes well.  Those who have travelled with a four-year-old will understand my lack of enthusiasm. Time to stock up on coloring books...

31 January 2003: Well, we've been in Leipzig, Germany, since September 15, 2002, and about as settled in as we're going to get. Yesterday I finished the first draft of THE SHORES OF TOMORROW (see link above) so maybe I'll have more time to write about what's going on here.

Write to me at rmallen@attglobal.net. (Please note that is not a mail-to link, in order to fend off spammers shopping for email addresses. Cut and paste that address into your email program's address line.)


28 February 2006: BSI STARSIDE: THE CAUSE OF DEATH is now availabe from bookstores and online booksellers.

December 2003. The Shores of Tomorrow is now available from bookstores and online booksellers.

20 May 2003. Well, the manuscript has been back and forth from my editor, and I have now completed the basic proofreading on THE SHORES OF TOMORROW, and everything seems to be moving along smoothly.

On 30 January 2003, I completed the first draft of THE SHORES OF TOMORROW, third book in the trilogy started by THE DEPTHS OF TIME and THE OCEAN OF YEARS. This series is grand-scale science fiction of the far future that takes in time travel, terraforming, interstellar travel, wormholes, and a mystery centuries old. Click here title to read chapter one of THE DEPTHS OF TIME, or click here to read reviews of THE DEPTHS OF TIME, or else click here to order these or other titles from a variety of online booksellers. Click on the covers to order the books direct from Amazon.com! Watch this space for further updates.

I recently completed revisions to A QUICK GUIDE TO BOOK ON DEMAMD PRINTING.. I've expanded the text by about twenty percent, adding lots of new information on how to make your own books -- or get others to make them for you. Visit the QUICK GUIDE'S info page to learn more.


FoxAcre Press publishes reprints of classic science fiction, books on writing and publishing, and general non-fiction. Click here or on the FoxAcre logo to go to the FoxAcre website at www.foxacre.com.


A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing

New From FoxAcre! The revised edition. Learn how to create your own paperback books. Visit the BOOK-GRID for ordering information, click here or on the book cover to order the book direct from Amazon.com, or else click here to go to the info page for this titiel on FoxAcre's website, and for links to the book-on-demand information page .

My father, Tom Allen, has his website at WWW.TBALLEN.COM.  Click on his picture or the web address to go to his home page.

Click HERE or on the picture for some now rather old photos of our first son, MATTHEW THOMAS ALLEN. He's a lot of fun. (Or visit www.matthew-tom.com for more current shots of Matthew and his kid brother, JAMES MAURY ALLEN.


What's New

Nothing.  Nothing new at all. Well, maybe that's an exageration, but there haven't been many earth-shattering developments around here. Between proof-reading my manuscript and my work on various projects for FoxAcre Press, I don't get out much.

 Not Quite So New

My book, THE GAME OF WORLDS, won the HAL CLEMENT AWARD  for 2000.  It is part of OUT OF TIME, a series developed by David Brin, and featuring books by Nancy Kress and Sheila Finch.

Jump to the GAME OF WORLDS info page

Click on a title or book cover to go directly to that book's order page on WWW.AMAZON.COM. Click on the author's name to go directly to the author's home page. The first two books seem to be out of print at this time.

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Essays, Journals, and Other Writings

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Some of the journals and essays aren't exactly cutting-edge, brand-new stuff, but if you haven't read them, they'll be new to you, even if they've been here a while. Old columns from THE VIEW FROM HERE are also available. I haven't done a column in a long, long time. Until I get some new one posted, click here to see the old columns.

It's a bit long in the tooth, but here's our 1997 Summer Travel Journal. This journal covers the period of our departure from Brazil, our travels and visits about Jamaica and the United States, and our return to the Washington, D.C. area. Click on 1997 Summer Travel Journal. There are no doubt typos galore in it, but it was entered from the road under make-it-up-as-you-go-along conditions. But, for all of that, it's an accurate, and I hope entertaining, account of what life was like for Eleanore and myself during that long and complicated trip.

It's several years old now, but here's my Winter 1996-97 Travel Journal details my adventures over the Christmas break in Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Carmel, Fresno, Salt Lake City, New York City, Washington, Chicago, Evanston, Detroit, and London. It was quite a trip.

Book News

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Click here for a complete list of my books.

My latest novel, THE DEPTHS OF TIME  was published at the end of February, 2000. It is the beginning of THE CHRONICLES OF SOLACE, and tells the story of a far-future society where both a carefully controlled form of time travel and a less-well-controlled form of terraforming are in common use. It is also the story of what happens when something goes terribly wrong with both technologies... This is a new start for me, and is unrelated to any of my previous work. I am quite pleased with it. Click here to read Chapter One. Or else have a look at the quite favorable reviews.

UTOPIA, was a MAIN SELECTION for the Science Fiction Book Club in February, 1997. UTOPIA was published by Ace Books in a trade paperback edition in November 1996. I have had several books at the SFBC in the past, but never as a Main Selection. It's a tremendous honor, and I am absolutely delighted by the news. Click on the book cover to see a sample chapter.

UTOPIA , published in November 1996 in trade paperback by Ace Books, is the third book of a trilogy of Asimovian robot novels. The previous two volumes in the series, CALIBAN and INFERNO, were quite well received, and I think -- or at least hope -- that UTOPIA will bring the series to a satisfactory conclusion. Millennium Books is publishing the series in Great Britain. Click here to see a sample chapter of UTOPIA.

In 1995 I published a trilogy of STAR WARS novels, {Bantam Books, paperback, 1995}. These are AMBUSH AT CORELLIA, ASSAULT AT SELONIA, and SHOWDOWN AT CENTERPOINT. All three books are currently available. To describe the books very briefly, they describe the journey of Han Solo and his family to Han's home planet of Corellia -- where they stumble into the middle of a dangerous rebellion against the New Republic. I am pleased to report that these three books each spent about a month on the New York Times Bestseller List

I receive manyqueries, asking if I plan to do any further work in the series of books started with THE RING OF CHARON and THE SHATTERED SPHERE. The answer is yes -- but not just yet. I have not decide when I will write the next one, but I definitely will write it. I have always intended to write an open-ended series of book in this universe. I plan to call the next one THE FALLING WORLD. I looked over my notes for that book a while back, and I must admit reading them made me want to get started on it soon. However -- I do have other books I want to write as well. Sooner or later, I will juggle my time enough to let me make a start on THE FALLING WORLD. I'll keep you posted.

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Among my other recent works are --

ALLIES & ALIENS (Baen Books, paperback, June, 1995).

THE SHATTERED SPHERE (Tor Books, hardcover July, 1994, paperback September 1995)

ISAAC ASIMOV'S INFERNO (Ace Books, trade paperback, October 1994).

Click here for details on these and other books.

Family, Friends, and Everyday Life

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