The Chronicles of Solace
Three Novels of the Far Future

by Roger MacBride Allen

The Depths of TIme

The Ocean of Years

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to be published June 2002



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The Depths of Time

"Allen neets his usual high standard in the far-future combination of speculative hard science, social sf, and pure adventure."  Booklist

"Mind-boggling ideas spice up an absorbing puzzle."  Kirkus Reviews

"A well-rendered hero and a maddeningly provocative ending." Publisher's Weekly
Time is of the essence when you're stranded in the future -- and Humanity is running out of time! The settled universe is filled with terraformed worlds linked by timeshafts--temporal wormholes in deep space. These  timeshafts are the only way to travel the vast distances etween the stars. As passengers and crew are placed in cold sleep, their ships spend decades crossing the interstellar void -- traveling the wormholes and arriving at their destinations just days after leaving home. The Chronologic Patrol is charged with guarding these timeshaft wormholes and preventing time paradoxes at all costs. But one critical mission ends in disaster. As ships carrying relief supplies to a crippled planet approach a timeshaft, they are mercilessly set upon by mysterious Invader, Anton Koffield tries to stop the invasion by destroying the timeshaft. Marooned eighty years in the future, he lives as a cursed figure, the villain who killed a world. And his odyssey through time has only just begun....


The Ocean of Years
Oskar DeSilvo led the project that terraformed the planet Solace, but he's been dead for over a hundred years -- or so thought all of Settled Space. But now, as Solace slides toward ecological collapse, Anton Koffield has reason to believe DeSilvo might be living still -- and might hold the secrets that could save not only Solace, but all of humanity. And Anton Koffield has his own reasons for finding DeSilvo, the man who nearly destroyed him... Thus begins a quest not only to track down DeSilvo -- but to save the future from the whims of a madman.


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