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The books are presented with current titles listed first, and then with related books grouped together, rather than in order of their publication. Most of these books have been published overseas as well. For the sake of not having this page buried in italics, with one or two exceptions, I have only listed the first U.S. edition.Many of these books are available for order. Visit the BOOK-GRID to see what is available where.

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Current Titles

The Depths of Time

The Depths of Time is the first book of a projected trilogy, The Chronicles of Solace. Admiral Anton Koffield discovers a dangerous if hidden flaw in the techniques then being used to terraform the planet Solace. He rushes there with a warning -- but is delayed in transit for over a century, to find a world still unaware of the disaster that is about to overtake it.

The Game of Worlds

This book is part of David Brin's new young adult series, Out of Time, to be published by Avon Books. Publication date not yet established. In the series, young time travelers from the present and the past are recruited to help save the future. In The Lost Colony, three time travelers are forced to take the place of Human diplomats during the first face-to-face meeting with a dangerous alien race.

Isaac Asimov's UTOPIA

published by Ace Books in November 1996. Third book in the CALIBAN triology. A young scientist proposes a daring plan to revitalize the dying world of Inferno -- but the robots of Inferno are determined to prevent all risk, all danger -- even if the risk might save the world. Click on the book cover or here to see a sample chapter.


Forthcoming Titles

Books Two and Three of The Chronicles of Solace:

The Ocean of Years (completed, awaiting publication in June 2002)

The Shores of Tomorrow (being written)

The books explore afuture where interstellar travel is possible, if costly and difficult, and the terraforming of planets is routine -- and things have started to go terribly wrong.


These are AMBUSH AT CORELLIA, ASSAULT AT SELONIA, and SHOWDOWN AT CENTERPOINT. Han Solo takes his wife, Leia Organo Solo, Chewbacca, and his three children to visit his home world of Corellia. It is supposed to be nothing more than a family vacation, with a little politicking thrown in on the side. Instead, Han and his family stumble into the middle of a dangerous rebellion -- one that could cause the New Republic itself to fall.{Bantam Books, paperback, 1995}.

Previous Titles


A revised and updated edition of my first two books, THE TORCH OF HONOR and ROGUE POWERS. These two books tell the story of the first interstellar war -- a war interupted by the First Contact with a friendly -- and very dangerous -- species of aliens -- who just happen to be occupying the battlefield. {Baen Books, paperback, June, 1995}.


The bones of a australopithicine -- a form of pre-human thought to be extinct for a millions -- are found in Mississippi, and seem to date from the period just before the Civil War. As the evidence mounts that australopithicines are alive in the present day, a question that no one ever thought to ask before suddenly become more more urgent -- what, exactly, is a human being. {Baen Books, paperback, 1988, FoxAcre Press 2002.}


Scientists working in the high arctic wastes of Iceland discover proof that an asteroid strike killed the dinosaurs. But their evidence is less than welcome to the people planning to move the asteroid Cornucopia into Earth orbit. There seems to be only one way to stop the asteroid -- and the only place to do it from is the lunar Farside. {Baen Books, paperback, 1989}. This book takes place in the same universe as the Hunted Earth series, about a hundred years prior to THE RING OF CHARON.


The first book of the Hunted Earth. An incredibly powerful group of aliens, the Charonians, steal the planet Earth, removing it completely from the Solar System. {Tor Books, paperback December 1990}


The Second book of the Hunted Earth. In the second volume, something so powerful it can threaten the Charonians has broken loose in the universe. But how can humanity defeat the Adversary without so much as knowing what it is? {Tor Books, hardcover July, 1994, paperback September 1995}


In this first book of a three-book series of Robot mysteries, an eminent roboticist is savagely attacked -- and all the evidence points to something impossible -- that a robot attacked her. But Sheriff Alvar Kresh soon learns, much to his horror, that, all of a sudden, such a thing is possible -- because the scientist who was attacked had made some changes in the Three Laws. {Ace Books, trade paperback, 1993}


A political assassination throws the planet Inferno into chaos just as draconian measures to rescue the planetary climate are going into effect. But as soon becomes apparent, solving the case could easily wreck the delicate political structure of the re-terraforming project. {Ace Books, trade paperback, 1994}


The third and final book of the series, UTOPIA was published by Ace in 1996. See above for details.


In a world where the line between man and machine has become increasingly blurred, a robotic household maintenance unit is arrested for murder, and the dead man's widow decides to defend the machine herself. For the case is not just about murder. The prosecution wants the court to rule that no machine can stand trial, because no machine has rights under the law. Except there are very good reasons to argue this one does -- because the prosecution beleives the dead man is very much alive, his mind stored inside the robot. In effect, the victim has been arrested for murdering himself. {Bantam Books, paperback, 1992}.


(with Eric Kotani)

As the twentieth century draws to its close, a young scientist discovers evidence that Sirius B, one of the closest stars to Earth, is about to undergo a Supernova explosion. Indeed, it may have already exploded, with the explosion shock wave already on its way to Earth. At first, it seems just a scientific curiosity, but even from a distance of many light years, a supernova explosion can have strange -- and disastrous -- consequences.


(with David Drake)

The Pact, the despotic and corrupt system that has held all the worlds and star sytems together for so long, is finally starting to unravel. But as bad as it is, the chaos and upheaval that will come in the wake of the Pact's collapse can only be worse. A young officer, his marriage wrecked for the momentary advantage of one political faction over another, is forced to do battle against a unseen enemy in the name of the Pact. {Baen Books, paperback, 1989.}

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