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Championship B’tok — Even More Free

Dear Everybody:

This just in: I am sticking a cautious toe into additional ebook vendors. No I’m not. That came out wrong. I am sticking a metaphorical toe into the figurative waters of trying a policy of using additional vendors. No actual toes or vendors were harmed in the writing of this posting.


FoxAcre Press has been with Kindle, Apple iBook Store, and Barnes & Nobles Nook for years, but now we are adding Kobo and Google Play (where Android phone and table users buy books as well as apps and songs). All three of the InterstellarNet novels are on all the above services. In addition, I have just added “Championship B’tok” to the Google Play store, and it’s live there — and free, and without DRM.  Here’s a clickable link to “Championship B’tok” on Google Play, and for those who enjoy long involved URLs:


Updating this post: due to a dumb click-on-the-wrong-file mistake on my part, the Kobo version will be just a tad delayed. I thought they were refusing to accept the book because it quoted InterstellarNet: Enigma — but it turns out I had uploaded the wrong file. My error, and kudos to Kobo for katching it. (That was fun to type.)

Meantime, we’re also trying to make our printed books more available in more places.

Adding one book to one service doesn’t take long, but adding the dozens of titles in our catalog to multiple services is pretty big time sink. I’ll continue the process, and will try and do so in a way that adds connected books (i.e. all the books in a trilogy) at more or less the same time. so some titles might take a while to get to every service — and, for various contractual reasons, not every title will get everywhere — but we do our best.

All best,


PS — Just by the way, FoxAcre also offers some titles on Smashwords. However, due to DRM and contractual commitments, we cannot offer all our titles there.

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